Nail Designs

Nail Designs for Best Nail Decoration Result

Charming nail decoration can add more beautiful appearance. But before applying nail polish, will look better if you have your fingers and design the nails to match. See how the shape of your finger, so when manicure or nail cutting, this nail tip shape models can be adjusted. The best nail designs will make your fingers will look more slender and beautiful combine with your healthy skin.

Nail design that can be your choice before decorating process:

Oval Shape
Oval shaped nail tip that would be very suitable for this kind of small fingers and slender hands. The impression given by the oval shape nail tip will make memorable fingers feminine and girly.

Shape Square (Square)
Fingers with long nails segment matches using a square-shaped piece of nail tip. That way, the shape of the nail will look more firm and graceful.

Combination Oval and Square Shape (Squoval)
Finger nail that has a small segment or width can use the nail tip shape pieces blend a combination of oval and square. Squoval nail shape is similar to the shape of the nail Square but the difference is that the edges rounded (rounded). The impression given by the cut of this combination will add to your fingers more stiff but still elegant. This forms the most popular and widely chosen.

Shape Square (square)
Squoval nail shape is a blend of oval shape and square nails. This nail shape combines elegant oval shape and form of the Square seemed stiff. Nail shape is very popular and most frequently chosen.

Round Shape
Round nail shape is usually owned by men and intended for people who like simple shapes nails and neat. Nail shape corresponding to the shape of your fingertips.

The Point / Almond
The nail artist usually choose nail shape Point / Almond’s. Nail art design will look more beautiful by the end of this form. The impression given by the shape of the nail as this, your fingers will look slimmer.

If the surface of your fingernails flared, then you should choose the cut nails Squoval. Whereas if the surface of your nails narrow, you should choose the nail shape Square, to make the shape your nails can look wider. For those of you who do not like the looks of the fingers with long nails, nail shape select Round Shape pieces, pieces like this is suitable for you after practicing cutting edge shape matching nails, then you can move to the next step, i.e. applying nail art.

4 Piece Nail Art (nail art) :

1 . Cutex Nail Art, nail art that is painted using only nail polish.
2. Nail Art Stone, which is a sort of nail art that decorated ornament of unique rocks and various other accessories.
3. Nail Art Sticker, decorate the nails using various stickers.
4. Acrylic Nail Art, nail art using acrylic which is then formed into a variety of motives arising or so-called 3D nail art.

The fourth archetype nail art can be combined according to their respective tastes. Do not forget, a little touch of the establishment under the tip of the nail polish, nail tip Customize the form above. No need really the same, at least close to it. Use a nail cutting which conforms to the shape your fingers, as well as manicure and pedicure, and get your nails look beautiful and charming.